Frankenmuth-Birch Run Veterinary Hospital

9339 South Gera Road
Birch Run, MI 48415


 K.T. (Kate)

Kate came to us in 2008.  She was found as a kitten scrounging around in a dumpster at a dentist office.  Originally a clinic foster cat, she quickly took up residence in doctors office.  She has since become the queen of the clinic and can be found lounging in one of the reception chairs.


Pete came to live with us after he was found on the side of the road.  He was so close to death that we weren't sure he'd live through the night.  He had a fever of 104 and was very dehydrated.  Within a few days his personality started to show.  His eyesight isn't the best and his coordination is off, but that doesn't slow him down much.  He can be found comforting any patient that walks through the door.


Jeffery (Jeff)

After wandering up to Dr. Buck's house in late 2017, Jeff came to the hospital to regain his health.  While recovering from being severely malnourished Jeff started to lose his eyesight. His blindness doesn't limit him much.  He will still try to get outside every now and then. Jeff can be found mostly lounging on one of the many chairs in the office.