Frankenmuth-Birch Run Veterinary Hospital

9339 South Gera Road
Birch Run, MI 48415



Tucker (1992-2016)

This handsome boy came to our clinic in 1999 missing his left front paw. At that point we estimated him to be about 7 years old. Throughout the years he had been a staple at our clinic and could be found holding down the counter at the discharge desk. Despite his health issues, he always loved any attention he could get.....just had to watch out for the drool!


Theo (2011-2017)

Theo was found on Gera Road in 2011 extremely thin. He quickly won over the hearts of all the staff here with his charming personality, which is nothing like a typical siamese. Theo loved children and would wait for them outside of the exam rooms.  


Yubatubalalagrigiolouise (Yuba)  (2004-2018)

Yuba was found in the woods as a kitten in 2004. She had a severe upper respiratory tract infection. She has since recovered nicely and has turned into a beautiful girl. She is currently treated for her hyperthyroidism and food sensitivity.